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PPLSI Partners with Best Money Moves to Help Reduce Employee Financial Stress

July 22nd, 2022

With inflation at the highest point in 40 years,  more U.S. employees feel the pressure of meeting their daily financial needs. To help reduce financial stress associated with the cost of legal and identity theft protection services, PPLSI announces partnership with Best Money Moves, a leading financial wellness company. 

“Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and providing these benefits to protect them legally and online will create a positive impact for both the employer and employee,” said Mary S. Skaggs, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at PPLSI. “When there is less stress on the personal financial front for an employee and more peace of mind, they can focus their time and talents on the job at hand.”

PPLSI’s flagship plans, LegalShield and IDShield, will become part of Best Money Moves’ curated list of best-in-class benefits and member offerings through its Benefits Partner Marketplace. Employees can now enroll in LegalShield and IDShield plans at significantly lower rates than they would incur as direct buyers and enhance their financial and online security. Participants have direct access to dedicated legal and online security professionals, including licensed private investigators, through an online web portal and mobile app.

“When faced with a legal issue, financially-stressed employees often don’t reach out to an attorney for guidance because they’re worried about the cost of the consultation, not to mention the actual cost of fixing the problem,” said Ilyce Glink, CEO of Best Money Moves. “With the discounts we’ve negotiated for LegalShield and IDShield, employees can access the right sort of help for every situation and trust they’re getting it at an extremely fair price.”

In PPLSI’s 2019 Workplace Study, 61 percent of employees surveyed felt identity theft protection and legal services increased financial wellbeing. Additionally, 66 percent of employers said they were approached by their employees for financial and/or legal advice.

Best Money Moves estimates that workforce employee stress costs employers 13 to 18 percent of an employee’s annual salary, not including today’s cost of turnover and retention. This expense is directly related to the adverse impacts of financial stress, including increased levels of addiction, distractedness, absenteeism, negative co-worker interactions, and higher healthcare costs. 

The Best Money Moves platform combines technology, information, and tools to help employees measure and reduce their level of financial stress in 15 categories. Simultaneously, the gamified and highly customizable platform provides a marketplace of best-in-class solutions where employees can find best-in-class products at discounted prices. Resources include more than 900 pieces of financial wellness content, live monthly webinars that feature subject matter experts, journeys, and credit scores.


About Best Money Moves
Best Money Moves helps people measure their level of financial stress using artificial intelligence to push contextually relevant information, tools, solutions, and the company’s own benefits to users. The award-winning company, which is now available to millions of employees,  was recently named one of Chicago’s 50 Startups to watch and ranks on Workforce Magazine’s hot list of financial wellness providers. It has been widely featured in national publications and industry press, including Forbes, CNN, NBC News, WGN Radio, Inc. Magazine, WTTW, HR Technologist, Human Resource Executive, Workforce, Inc., and Employee Benefit News.

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