IN 1972, HARLAND STONECIPHER founded Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. His inspiration came after being involved in an automobile accident and having to spend his personal savings to defend himself in a civil suit. He believed there was a better way to provide equal access to equal justice under the law.

Today we provide a trustworthy, innovative, and cost-effective way for citizens to access legal and privacy management advice and support for every part of their lives. Currently, 1.8 million families are enrolled in our legal and privacy management plans and we answer more than 2 million member calls annually. For our partners, we provide the opportunity to expand their core services with these value-added benefits. We provide turnkey and holistic legal and privacy management programs that create deeper relationships with customers without draining valuable time and resources.

“We are mission-driven. We work to provide equal access to the liberty, equality, opportunity and justice that every human deserves. Our legal and privacy management services protect, empower and allow every member to live more and worry less.”

— Jeff Bell, CEO, LegalShield