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LegalShield Expands Affordable Legal Services for Small Business Owners Amidst Pandemic

ADA, Okla. - January 5th, 2021

With millions of small business owners struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, LegalShield announced today a new suite of small business legal plans; including a business supplement specifically for the growing trend of home-based businesses. These new plans represent the most significant expansion in the company’s history for the legal services provided to small business owners through its proprietary nationwide network of local law firms.

“We’re on a mission to democratize justice and security for all, especially businesses and entrepreneurs.  To further support these businesses, we are expanding choice for legal services with the Small Business Essentials, Plus and Pro Plans. Every plan includes advice. consultation and support concerning employment law, legal document review, federal trademarks and copyright assistance, and collection letters,” said Jeff Bell, LegalShield CEO.   “Our Home Business Supplement, available with LegalShield Personal Legal Plans, now includes interstate services.” 

The new product developments follow the Fall 2020 launch of the Ride Share and Delivery Supplement, designed specifically for drivers who use automobiles, vans or pick-up trucks to support their livelihood.

The LegalShield Small Business Plan is available in three tiers, starting as low as $49 per month, allowing small business owners to only pay for what they need. These tiers include:

Small Business Legal Essentials

  • Advice, Consultation and Research- Members receive consultations with provider attorneys on an unlimited number of business legal matters.
  • Designated Consultation– A set of designated telephone consultations per year for business legal matters related to tax, copyright, trademark, patents, securities, intellectual property, antitrust, immigration and out of state legal issues. 
  • Document Review – Members can submit legal documents for review by a provider attorney.
  • Collection Letters– Collection letters from a provider attorney on a member’s behalf can help  recoup payments more efficiently.
  • Discount Services – Members will receive a twenty-five (25%) discount from the provider attorney’s hourly rate for additional business legal work and services not outlined in the member contract.

Small Business Legal Plus

  • All benefits of the Essentials plan– Higher quantities,  plus  decreased, flat fees on services that would otherwise fall into the 25% discount category, including  trademarks and copyrights, employee handbooks and custom contract drafting.
  • IRS Audit Legal Services – Members receive services at greatly reduced, flat fees from their provider attorneys when notified in writing by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of an audit, investigation or examination of the member’s tax return.

Small Business Legal Pro

  • All Benefits of the Plus Plan– Premium-level time allotments and increased access to provider attorneys.Pro Plan Members are allotted the maximum amount of time for provider attorneys to spend on their legal matters and more document reviews.

In addition to the new Small Business Plans,  LegalShield has launched a Home Business Supplement that can be added to LegalShield Family Plans starting at $12.95 per month The supplement is designed for home-based business owners, consultants, and those with up to 10 rental properties.

LegalShield’s expanded small business plans and supplements augment a full suite of small business services including Launch By LegalShield for business formation, the Business Plus Supplement for business and marketing consultation, and the Ride Share and Delivery Supplement. Coming soon: a Trial Defense for Business Supplement will add a specified number of pre-trial and trial hours for members whose businesses are named as defendants in a lawsuit.

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