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LegalShield and IDShield Join PlanSource Partner Marketplace

June 16th, 2022

LegalShield and IDShield are thrilled to partner with PlanSource, a leading provider of cloud-based benefits administration technology, and join the company’s Partner Marketplace, a curated list of best-fit partners designed to maximize HR efficiency, employee engagement and plan participation. Serving over 40,000 employers in the U.S. and Canada, LegalShield and IDShield are the nation’s largest providers of group voluntary legal, identity, and online privacy protection plans.

“By partnering with PlanSource, LegalShield and IDShield can support HR teams in enhancing benefits packages and helping employees protect their identity, reputation, legal rights, and finances,” said Mary S. Skaggs, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at PPLSI, parent company of LegalShield and IDShield.

Trends emerged during the pandemic that created a new and complex work/life landscape for employees, leaving many people looking for legal protection with a new twist. Companies wanting to persevere and thrive in the current environment need to examine their recruitment and retention strategies to ensure they’re doing everything possible to accommodate the most motivated workers. This means restructuring policies, improving compensation packages, and offering robust employee benefits that address total well-being, including mental health, financial wellness, legal and identity security. 

“The height of COVID-19 highlighted the need for specific legal services and left a lot of legal issues in its wake including landlord/tenant disputes, estate planning needs and consumer credit issues like bankruptcy, contractor disputes and real estate matters. Hiring a lawyer is expensive and not a realistic option for most employees. Our benefits help close the gap and provide employees with access to affordable legal, identity theft protection and online privacy services,” said Skaggs.

In a recent whitepaper by PPLSI, “Navigating the New Socioeconomic Landscape: How Legal and Identity Theft Protection Benefits Enhance Employee Well-being,” data shows that more people desire contactless, professional legal assistance, that legal matters such as estate planning and elder care are growing needs for Millennials and Gen Z and wellness and lifestyle benefits such as legal and identity theft protection give employees greater peace of mind.

Voluntary legal, identity and online protection plans help round out benefits packages at little to no cost to employers. Employees can enroll at significantly lower rates than they would incur as direct buyers and obtain the financial and online security needed in today’s socioeconomic landscape. 

LegalShield and IDShield provide participants with direct access to dedicated legal and online security professionals and provide easily accessible services through an online web portal and mobile app.

Visit PlanSource’s feature of LegalShield and IDShield to learn more.