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Lawyers Are the New ‘Plus One’ in Wedding Planning

June 7th, 2023

New data from LegalShield reveals lawyers are key to smooth planning, reduced stress

Couples take the driver’s seat in wedding financing

Today’s economic realities have a seat at head table

A new survey by LegalShield reveals that the star supporting character at America’s weddings is no longer the officiant, caterer, or wedding singer. Instead, it may be the happy couple’s attorney. Research conducted by LegalShield shows that:

  • Almost three-fourths – 72 percent – of couples needed legal support for marriage-related services, including terminating a contract with a vendor, changing their name, and signing a prenuptial agreement. 
  • Couples who hire a lawyer feel more positive emotions, such as hopeful, prepared, and optimistic about their wedding planning process.

“We needed to get out of our venue contract when my son was planning his wedding,” said Paula Skoviera, a Minnesota- based consultant and recent mother of a groom. “We used our LegalShield plan, and our lawyer was able to get us back the full deposit. The wedding planning roller coaster was much more enjoyable knowing we had a lawyer on our side.” 

Couples take control of their financing

American wedding traditions are evolving, and it’s no longer assumed that parents will help with or pay for their children’s weddings. Instead, couples may seek financial support in other ways, and lawyers have become an essential part of their wedding planning team. 

The report also shows that:

  • 40% of couples are using credit cards and/or loans to pay for their wedding.
  • With so much at stake, couples are watching expenses closely, with 93 percent making modifications to their weddings to save money and 75 percent decreasing their wedding budget.
  • Almost a quarter of couples decided to change the wedding location (23 percent), and 1 in 5 changed the date to be more financially vigilant. 

“More couples are looking to protect not only their financial investment into the big day but also the emotional investment,” said Rebecca A. Carter, family law attorney with Friedman, Framme & Thrush P.A. “Lawyers can help protect both.”

“The newest trend in wedding planning is having a lawyer part of the team. Surprising to most, it may be the most affordable element in the process, even less expensive than a rental tux,” said Warren Schlichting, LegalShield CEO. “Having a legal plan for a low monthly investment could end up saving couples thousands and protecting their big day.”

About the Survey

The LegalShield study was conducted in March 2023. LegalShield surveyed 499 engaged adults, 18 and older, who are planning a wedding and getting married in 2023. According to the U.S. Census, the sample was balanced by age, among other demographic variables.


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