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LegalShield Income Disclosure


Signing up as a LegalShield Associate

LegalShield Members can sign up to become a LegalShield Associate to sell LegalShield plans and become eligible to earn commissions and bonuses off those sales. About 1.4% of all active Members are also Associates who made at least one sale in 2019. The current cost of becoming an Associate is $99 plus any applicable state licensing fees. Associate sign-up fees will only be refunded if the Associate terminates their agreement within 5 days of the effective date.

Making Money and Other Rewards

LegalShield Associates can make money in four primary ways:

  • Personal Sales – Associates earn a percentage on every membership they sell.  For example, in 2019, if you sold the $49.90/month Legal Family Plan coupled with the IDShield Family plan when you first signed up, you would have received an advance of $60.00 which is equivalent to a 10% commission rate of $5.00 per month as LegalShield collects payment.  You can earn higher commissions as you sell more and move up in the marketing plan.
  • Sales by Associates on Your Team –  Associates can also sponsor other Associates.  Once you’ve reached the Senior Associate level, you can also earn money when an Associate who you have sponsored makes a sale.
  • Renewals – When a membership is renewed beyond the original advance period (typically one year), associates earn money each month that membership continues to be active.
  • Bonuses –  Associates can also earn special bonuses when they sell a certain number of memberships in a given period.

How Much Can I Make? 

Building a successful LegalShield business takes hard work and time. It is not a pathway to quick riches. Most Associates sell LegalShield plans as a way to make part-time income. For Associates with 0-2 years of experience who made at least one sale, average annual earnings were $798 for 2019. Approximately 73% of all Associates across experience years made less than $1,000 in 2019.

Associates may earn more over time if they are successful at building a network of Associates in their team who also sell plans and/or if they are successful at selling LegalShield plans as a group solution (i.e., to a network of employees). In some cases, special licensing may be required to conduct group sales or sales in certain states. The chart below shows earnings in the form of commissions and bonuses for Associates who made at least one sale to either an individual or to a group, categorized by the length of time they have been building their LegalShield business.

Figures do not include individuals who may have received money from renewals or income from team sales but did not make a sale in 2019. For more information about this disclosure, including cancellation assistance, please call 1-844-901-3296.