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Employees Want More Communication About Benefit Offerings

Employees feel unprepared.

In a recent survey, when asked if they would like information throughout the year about their employee benefit options and how specific plans can assist with major issues of the moment (e.g., student debt, data breaches, financial protection, etc.) 81% answered Yes. This supports the notion that offering a diverse benefits portfolio is not enough—employers must take the additional step of ensuring awareness and demonstrating relevance.

Get insights into employees’ enrollment experience.

LegalShield conducted this research to gain insights into employees’ experience around communication of voluntary benefits, as well as strategies employers can use to maximize their potential. You will learn:

  1. Their level of awareness and comprehension of employee benefits at time of enrollment.
  2. The frequency with which employees want communication about their benefits.
  3. Employees’ interest in enrolling in legal and identity theft protection benefits.
  4. Enrollment communication strategies to maximize benefits utilization.

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