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Navigating the New Socioeconomic Landscape – A Whitepaper Looking at How Legal and Identity Theft Protection Benefits Enhance Employee Well-Being

April 26th, 2022

Over the last year, Americans have been quitting their jobs in record numbers due to various reasons including fear of contracting COVID-19, job burnout, and government largesse. This new trend, dubbed “The Great Resignation,” has triggered a shift in power to more ambitious personnel who are now positioned as top candidates across a wide range of industries. 

During this same timeframe, as a society, we learned important lessons about technology, work, relationships, and health. For millions of employees and their families, three priorities have emerged: 

The need to strike a healthier work-life balance; 

Access to affordable legal protection and support; 

Reliable identity theft protection. 

Now more than ever, workers are looking to their employers to help address these new priorities—and employers are in a position to help. Companies wanting to persevere and thrive in the current environment must examine their recruitment and retention strategies to ensure they’re doing everything possible to accommodate the most motivated workers. This means restructuring policies, improving compensation packages, and offering a robust employee benefits suite that addresses total well-being, including mental health, financial wellness, legal and identity security. 

PPLSI’s newest whitepaper, published in April 2022, demonstrates the growing need for legal and identity theft protection as enhancements to a company’s benefits package. 

Download the complete whitepaper for insights, data and key takeaways.