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PPLSI Loves Our Summer 2022 Interns

August 29th, 2022

This summer, PPLSI welcomed seven students from across the country into our Summer Intern Program. As back-to-school is in full swing, we want to recognize and thank our interns for spending their summer with us. 

Meet the Interns! 

Jon Carl: Hailing from Williamstown, MA, Jon is majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. He worked within our DevOps team. Jon is expected to graduate in 2024 and spends much of his time playing soccer for his university’s men’s soccer team. 

In Jon’s Words: “I’ve been surrounded by so much knowledge and experience at PPLSI this summer. I am incredibly grateful for the projects I have collaborated on and all the guidance I have received. I have learned so much.” 

Cody Hanes: Cody is from Southern California, about 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles. He’ll graduate from his university in 2023. When not studying, Cody loves sports, rock climbing, and visiting state and national parks. Cody is majoring in Computer Science and spent the summer helping our Solutions/Shield@Work team. His intern experience was helping on the frontend of computer software as well learning the ins and outs of development to grow his knowledge base. 

In Cody’s Words: “My time at PPLSI over the past three months has been a truly valuable and enjoyable experience. From visiting the office in Ada, OK, to working in a cooperative, well-managed environment with an exceedingly supportive team, I will always cherish my time here and am forever thankful for the opportunity.” 

Samuel Park: Samuel is from Carrollton, TX, and is finishing his senior year majoring in Applied Math with a Computer Science minor. This is Samuel’s second summer as an intern at PPLSI; we were thrilled to have him back! In his free time, Samuel likes to play ultimate frisbee and disc golf and spend time with friends and family. 

In Samuel’s Words: “I have learned so much as an intern here at PPLSI the last two summers. After interning here, I feel confident that I can succeed in whatever job I get when I graduate in December.” 

Bipal Goyal: Bipal joins us as an international student from Kathmandu, Nepal. He’s currently in college in Cincinnati and is expected to graduate in the spring of 2023 with a degree in Information Technology, on the Software Development track. Bipal joined the Internal Tools team where he worked as a full stack developer working with frontend and backend work. Bipal has worked on impressive projects throughout his academic career, including creating DevOps tools for CI/CD pipelines and WordPress web design work. 

In Bipal’s Words: “If I am being entirely honest, I learned more about programming and working together in a team on this summer at PPLSI than on any other semester in my college.” 

Parthiv Mathur: Parthiv is a Computer Science major in Seattle on track to graduate in the summer of 2024. Parthiv joined the Data Engineering team and worked on a customer loyalty prediction model, where he helped to implement the model within the company and measure its value. Outside of school, he has enjoyed putting his skills to use in volunteering capacities for organizations such as NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and as a STEM tutor. 

In Parthiv’s Words: “I have greatly enjoyed my time as an intern at PPLSI. Throughout my time here, I have worked with a great team of data engineers and have learned so much about how to utilize large scale data beneficially.” 

Logan Bowman: Logan interned with our Finance and Analytics department. Hailing from Austin, TX, Logan is a major in Finance. 

In Logan’s Words: “I truly appreciate the time spent helping me learn more about the inner workings of the business and how to make insightful views for decision making.” 

Aly Forneris: Aly served in the Marketing department as a marketing intern. Aly is from Norman, OK, and a senior majoring in marketing. 

In Aly’s Words: “This summer, I was given the opportunity to be a Network and Digital Marketing Intern for PPLSI to further my knowledge and experience in marketing. I was able to work on multiple projects that showed me how marketing works in a corporate setting, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside very intelligent and creative people.” 

Let’s hear from Arnold Blinn, PPLSI Chief Technology Officer: “The summer was a success, and PPLSI appreciates the hard work, dedication, and energy each of our interns poured into their responsibilities and tasks. Each student brought something special and unique to the company and we wish them the best as they head back to school.”