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Life’s a Journey, Preparing Your Will Needn’t be a Slog

May 1st, 2023

LegalShield’s new tool speeds will preparation and accuracy, making estate planning more accessible for all

Most Americans have not prepared for the inevitable leaving their final wishes uncertain and their families unprotected. A recent study shows almost 60% of U.S. adults don’t have a will with lack of knowledge, cost, and perceived need as top reasons.

“We can’t predict when our time will come, but we can prepare for it. Planning your estate is an important right that you give up when you don’t take care of your estate planning,” said Mike Fiffik, managing partner with Fiffik Law Group, PC. “You work hard for your money, and you love your family. It makes sense to prioritize your estate planning.” 

Wills are important, but the process of creating one can be daunting. This discourages many people from creating a will, which can have negative consequences for their loved ones.

To improve the customer experience of drafting a will, LegalShield announced a new onboarding tool that will save time and reduce expense. Available to all LegalShield members, the LegalShield app “interviews” the member, collecting key data vital to building an effective will. The member’s LegalShield lawyer will use the information shared in the app to guide conversation regarding the member’s wishes and aid in drafting the will. 

“We’re a relationship-based company, so we want to make sure our members’ wishes are heard and reflected in their wills. Our new tool makes it easier for members to communicate with their lawyers and get the help they need to create a will that’s right for them,” said Warren Schlichting, LegalShield CEO.

As part of their membership, LegalShield members can create a will and then every year of their membership can revise and update their will as necessary. The tool automatically saves progress as the member drafts their will, and members can work on their will on any combination of devices and have access to simple explanations and definitions of legal terms. Additionally, members have ongoing support from their LegalShield provider lawyer and law firm who can answer questions and are available throughout the process to support members. 

“While wills can provide families with great value and peace of mind, they often are seen as overwhelming,” said Keri Norris, LegalShield’s Chief of Lawyer Services. “We believe that technology can be used to improve the process of creating wills, making it easier for both members and attorneys to develop a solid document that everyone can be confident in.”

For more information, visit LegalShield’s website or download the LegalShield app.


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